Wii Bowling with the Ducks!

“That was just wonderful, wasn’t it?”
— Shirley Brooks


Last night, Churchill Estates was treated to a visit from four members of the Oregon Women's Basketball Team: Jillian Alleyne, Katelyn Roper, Janitah Iamaleava and Lexi Peterson. The foursome came to play wii bowling with our wii bowling team, the Churchill Chuckers.

Churchill and several other facilities in the Eugene area have Wii Bowling teams which compete twice a year in tournaments, the Chuckers have won six in a row and have yet to lose in a tournament. Between the tournaments the Chuckers have in-house tournaments to keep their skills up. 

The buzz inside the community had been growing since last week when it was announced that Ducks would be coming to visit. The Chuckers drew names out of hat to see who would get to bowl against the Ducks. Four members of the Chuckers would be lucky to face off against the Ducks.

The night started with introductions as the Ducks introduced themselves and the Chuckers introduced themselves, then it was on.

Enjoying the special night as the Ducks showed up to bowl, the Chuckers took control of the friendly match early. With five strikes in a row, David Nelson had the best score of the evening with a 221 in the first match win. Along with Tom Newton, they faced Katelyn Loper and Jillian Alleyne; Jill bowled a Duck best 147 in the match, but Kate couldn't maintain her hot start to keep it closer. 

In the second match a hot start by Juanita Leaf set the tone for the second match. Janitah kept coming close to getting a strike, but stubborn pins prevailed, once Lexi Peterson figured out her follow through she got hot to keep it close, but Chuckers Juanita and Shirley stayed true to form and pulled out a win in the end. Coach Graves even snuck in for awhile to check out the action and snap a few pictures. 

It was a great night, that still has the residents buzzing this morning as they recounted to their table mates the strikes, spares and banter from last night. "I sure hope they come back," said Tom Newton in the line for breakfast, "that sure was fun."

Thanks to Coach Graves for pulling this together. And thanks to Katelyn, Jillian, Janitah, and Lexi for being such good sports! The Chuckers eagerly await a rematch anytime.