This Week at Churchill Estates

Each week we will present a run down of highlights of what will be going on at Churchill Estates in the coming week.

We are counting down the days till Christmas; today we stand at 17 days. This week we hope to get John to give us a recap of his trip to Santa Clara and everything at the Pac 12 Championship game as he is back safely in Eugene. Check out all his pictures on our Facebook.

Today we will be taking our residents out to Lok Yaun for lunch, a great way to start the week; I might have to sneak on the bus for some good Chinese food!

Thursday is our birthday party for our residents, we also want to wish a belated birthday to Heidi Ritter, you can probably catch her bee-bopping in the back of the dining room as the Bigfoot Lane Band plays for our residents.

Friday we welcome the O’Hara Children’s choir to our facility, they will be putting on a concert for our residents. Jesus, Girls and Marcus Mariota, we all know about, but is singing the 4th thing that happens at O’Hara? We will be sure to report of this hypothesis!

Saturday we will be join by local group the Maralee signers, they will be providing our residents with a concert at 11:00 am.

Wrapping up the next week we will have a children’s choir singing at noon, followed by Jim Graham playing the organ at 2:00 pm.

Want to see everything that is happening this week? Check out our Calendar

It is going to be an exciting week here at Churchill, come to one event, come to all, the more the merrier!