Hydration in the Winter: 10 Signs of Dehydration

In the winter time, it’s easy to forget how important hydration is for us, especially in Eugene Oregon where rain falls almost all winter long. The outside temperatures are naturally much cooler and the daylight is limited to a few hours. People tend to spend less time outside in the winter and become a little less active. Despite all that, hydration is a vital component to your everyday health.

 Maybe there’s something to that old saying of 8 glasses of water a day? Most people know that 60% of body weight is water. What most people don’t realize is that it only takes a 1 to 2% drop in that percentage to cause dehydration and as you age, the body is less able to recognize the signs.


 Here are 10 signs of dehydration

1.      Headaches

2.      Dizziness or Drowsiness

3.      Constipation

4.      Muscle cramps

5.      Nausea

6.      Vomiting

7.      Confusion

8.      Dry mouth

9.      Darker urine with less volume

10.   Dry skin lacking elasticity


 At Churchill Estates we encourage hydration and supply glasses of water with each meal, and have an assortment of herbal teas at each table. We also have a juice bar with four types of juice, hot cocoa, and regular and decaf coffee available all day long.

 Many fruits and vegetables are almost entirely made of water and can contribute to your daily water intake. Hit the salad bar every day and fill your plate with Lettuce, apples, oranges, or the old hydration favorite watermelon.

 Soups have high water content and can be very nourishing, can help improve digestion, brain function, and joint health. We make most of ours from scratch.

So keep that water bottle handy, and full!


Here is an article we found with more benefits of staying hydrated.