1000 Words for a Picture

Take a look at the picture on the right, click on it for an enlarged view, take your time while looking it over, and check out each little detail. What do you see? If you had to write a story based only on what you can see in this picture, what would it be like? What events would lead this man to be sitting alone in the fog with a rose in his hand?

How you perceive what you see has a lot to with your memories. Experience lends to perceptions and how you view the world. In this photo there are a lot of things going on that suggest little rid bits of information. When you have Alzheimer's and Dementia it sometimes only allows you to focus on one thing, pinpointing on one specific thing. Looking at this photo from the eye of a person without Alzheimer's or Dementia, you see many different points of focus. What are the points of focus for you in this photo? 

Before you scroll down, take a second to complete your version of the events that led to this picture.

Done? Okay, scroll down.

As an activity for our Memory Care we gave our residents this picture and asked them what was happening. “We sat around a table and gave each resident this picture” says Lynit Schreiber, Activity Assistant for Memory Care. “We started by asking for a name, and then residents took turns saying what they thought was going on. After we agreed on a story line, the residents took turn providing details, until the story was complete.”

The story was posted with the picture for all to see outside our Administrator's office. This is the first of six different pictures they will use for activities. The story they told our activity staff is below.


Park Bench Proposal

In New York City, Leon sits on a park bench clutching three red flowers he bought with his last bit of change. In the cold of winter he reminisces about the good times and the tough times he has had with his girlfriend Marge.

While he waits for Marge to join him, he makes plans for what he is going to say to her. First, he wants to say he’s sorry and that he has missed her so much. Next he will tell her how much he really does love her. Leon knows he is saving the best for last.

When Marge arrived Leon place the three red flowers in her hand and had her sit on the bench – while holding her hand he said “I wrote a poem for you.”

In my life you are my light;

You help me through this

strife called life.

I love you, I need you;

Please be my wife.

With tears in her eyes, Marge said, “Yes Leon, I will be your wife!” As she hugged him she whispered, “As long as we are together we can make it through anything.” 

As dictated to Lynit Schreiber by:

Edna, Betty, Ginny, Ruth, Les, Pat, Mary, Peggy, Merilyn, Rosie, Winnie and Alma


How does your story differ? What did the resident's focus on? Let us know. Want to see the other stories? Come visit our Memory Care! 

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