Beyond the Call of Duty

My experiences with Lane Transit District (LTD )have always been pleasant. But I would be remiss if I didn't let you know about the amazing service received one Sunday night. My friend and I attended the performance of the Harlem Globetrotters at the Matthew Knight Arena. Upon leaving the venue, my friend who is in a motorized wheelchair, and I set out to find his vehicle. It was cold and dark and unfortunately, neither of us could remember exactly where he had parked his van. We made many attempts - going up one street and down another - but to no avail. After about an hour or more, we became concerned that the battery that powered the chair had no charge left. We then decided to take the bus but being Sunday night, service ends at 8. My friend got out of his chair and using it for support valiantly proceeded to push it to the bus stop. We boarded the bus and were taken to the station. Though we were told the last bus to our destination had gone, the supervisor in charge arranged for an "out-of-service" bus to take us home. He followed the bus in his vehicle, pushed my friend in the powerless wheelchair from the bus to his apartment and made sure he was ok. I know of no other way to say thank you to LTD and this very kind individual, but please know that I will forever be a fan.