Finally! Rest for the Weary!

The power of suggestion can be a very mighty thing. Imagine a big, juicy, yellow, lemon. Picture the taste on your tongue, the strong flavor, the sweetness, shocking tartness, Perhaps your mouth is watering now, or your lips puckered as you read that? That's the power of suggestion in effect.  

The power of suggestion can work in simple ways too. One of the residents at Churchill Estates made a suggestion to the church next door, and it came to fruition. Paul Nielsen suggested to Valley Covenant Church that they build a bench to provide a resting spot for Churchill Estates residents walking over for church services. It's a short walk for some, and a longer walk for others. It was a small, simple, suggestion, and a pretty good one it appears. 

The bench is now complete and ready for any who require a small stopping point on the walk to and from the Church. It stands as a subtle reminder that all are welcome. We suggest you to visit the bench as often as you like and also if you wish, to join in on Sunday services. Valley Covenant Church has Sunday School at 9:30 and Sunday services at 10:30.