Flights Honoring our World War II Vets

 Despite it being a considerable opportunity to see the Great Monuments in Washington D.C., Donald Washburn wasn't so sure about traveling from Portland all the way to our nation's capital and back. It's a long trip and he wasn't positive he was up to that kind of adventure. Don's Grandson was pretty insistent and Don could tell his Grandson really wanted this experience for Don and he wanted to go with him as his Guardian, so he decided to make the trek. 

 They had to get their own way up to Portland to catch the plane to D.C. but from that point on, everything was taken care and Don didn't have to worry about a thing. Thanks to fundraising efforts and generous donations to the South Willamette Valley Oregon Honor Flight, Veterans  take the trip completely free of charge, Guardians and volunteers pay their own way. 

 Upon arrival in Washington D.C., Donald and the other Vets were taken to the World War II Memorial and toured other National Monuments where Donald and the other's were honored for their service to our great country. Don served in the Navy during World War II in Norman Oklahoma where he trained mechanics for Aircraft Maintenance. 

South Willamette Valley Honor Flight, headquartered in Springfeld, is currently registered and is a proud member of the Honor Flight Network. South Willamette Valley Honor Flight is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and all donations made are tax deductible.

The organization is comprised of volunteers who believe in the mission of the Honor Flight Network. The Operations Board and volunteers receive no compensation for their work with South Willamette Valley Honor Flight. They donate their time and efforts because they believe in America and appreciate the service and sacrifice of our Veterans.

 Mike Pungercar of Springfield is the Director of South Willamette Valley Oregon Honor Flight and he says "I've heard stories, things they've carried for 70 years and have never been able to open up and share about before, and in the comradery and in the presence of fellow World War II veterans and in particular being at the World War II Memorial, I'm finding from family members that a lot of veterans will open up for the first time in their life."  

Like Donald Washburn and fellow Churchill Estates resident and Honor Flight traveler Ray Powell,  if you know of a World War II or Korean War era vet that would be interested in an Honor Flight, find more information on the web at