Healthy New Year!


Here we are. January 2016. It's a time of renewal, of fresh starts, and personal rebirth. It's a time to focus on self improvement and goals for future accomplishments. If you live with a chronic condition such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis or heart disease it can be exhausting just thinking about physical self improvement. 

 Churchill Estates wants to encourage physical self improvement and we are proud to announce that in February, we will host a free six week program entitled "Living Well with Chronic Conditions" and we encourage our residents to sign up and participate in weekly workshops focusing on topics such as managing medications, dealing with fatigue, frustration,  and depression, eating healthier, exercising safely, improving communication with your health care provider and family, and managing symptoms.   

 This free program is brought to you by the Successful Aging Institute, Senior and Disability Services, Trillium and Churchill Estates and will take place starting February 19th, every Friday from 9:30 am to noon for six weeks. 

 Happy and Healthy New Year from Churchill Estates!