Meet The Artist

The always astute residents of Churchill Estates have noticed two new "residents" that reside in the Independent Living Reading Room. Their names are Hinmatóowyalahtq'it and Satank, better known respectively as Chief Joseph and Sitting Bear. They were two great Native American figures of historical prominence, artfully captured in life-like detail in the form of these two impressive busts. 

 These beautiful bronze cast sculptures are the work of Artist, Author, and Churchill Estates Resident Joseph Macy who recently moved here from Central Oregon to be closer to family. Joseph is a self-taught artist whose talent began to surface shortly after his 50th birthday and the Staff at Churchill Estates are proud to display these two examples of his incredible artistry on loan to us. 

 Please Join us in the Reading Room on Wednesday Night August 17th at 6:15 pm, to meet the artist, learn more about the process of sculpting portraits, and the history of Chief Joseph and Sitting Bear.