Churchill Estates Senior Prom 2016

Thursday April 7th marks our annual Senior Prom Event. For those unfamiliar, it's absolutely the highlight of our social calendar at Churchill Estates and must not be missed. Every year the Honor Students across the street at Churchill High School hold a prom for OUR seniors.

The planning takes quite some time but the kids take care of every detail. From deciding a theme, to decorations, and what songs to perform. They bring over their jazz band, serve refreshments, and dance with our residents in an event that truly bridges the generation gap. It's a special time of everyone involved. 

 It's unclear who gets more out of the Senior Prom. The students who learn valuable lessons in event planning, giving to others, and that elderly people aren't that scary, or our folks who love the attention, get the chance to relive moments of younger years, and also learn that the teenagers across Bailey Hill Road aren't that scary.  

This years theme is the 1950's. It will be fun to see how well the students learn about the era and how they will implement that knowledge. Please feel free to join us for this amazing event Thursday, April 7th at 2:30 in the afternoon.