This Week at Churchill Estates

Each week we will present a run down of highlights of what will be going on at Churchill Estates Retirement Community in the coming week. It has been a wacky weekend of weather, we’ve had rain, sunshine, then followed by more rain. Today we are supposed to break through the fog covering the valley and get to 80 degrees, but then back down into the 50’s tomorrow. We will see how the last week of April goes, looking forward to some consistent warm weather.

 This week we start it out with a shopping trip to St. Vincent De Paul’s this afternoon to see what treasures our residents can find. Our owner calls it junkin, and she enjoys it immensely, and so do our residents. They will be going through the isles to what they can find, and of course trying to get more than their counterparts while spending less money. Later in the afternoon we will be heading out to the River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar, formerly Aunt Dings. It’s a restaurant that our residents enjoy and so we are faithful regulars.

 Wednesday we will have Dogs Gone Coastal will set up shop under our portico at 11:30 AM to sell hot dogs. Come on down to get some good hot dogs from Tony! Later in the afternoon we will be going on our weekly shopping trip. On Wednesday we will visit Grocery Outlet and BiMart to get groceries and anything else that our residents need.

 Friday we end the week and welcome the 1st day of May with a trip to the library. We go regularly to get some books, and audio books. Books provide entertainment, and also learning opportunities. In the afternoon we will be joined by our friend Stan, who will be playing his accordion in our Residential Care lobby for our residents.

 This all leads to the return of football, well for a little bit. Saturday is the annual spring game for the Ducks. Many will go to Autzen to catch their first glimpse of the Mariota-less Ducks, our residents will be watching as the game will be broadcasted on Pac 12 Networks (Channel 420 on Comcast).

 It looks to be another fun week at Churchill Estates Retirement Community, join in for some fun! For a full list of activities and events please visit our calendar.