This Week at Churchill Estates

Each week we will present a run down of highlights of what will be going on at Churchill Estates Retirement Community in the coming week. The weather this weekend was a tease, with rain in the forecast we were excited about the possibility, but all we got were sprinkles. The rest of the week is daunting with temperatures forecasted into the triple digits for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We start this week off with a trip to go “junkin” at Goodwill this afternoon, our resident’s love finding little trinkets to add to their collections. Later in the afternoon we will head off to dinner at McGrath’s fish house. We look forward to these little outings, and more great food is appreciated.

Wednesday we will go on our weekly shopping trip to Grocery Outlet, its time to go out and get all the groceries and or snacks that we will need for the coming week. Friday we will take a shopping trip to the Valley River Center to see what deal we can find. Saturday afternoon we will have a presentation by an ole friend of ours David Surdom, who will be speaking on “The business ethics of 1950’s Rock N Roll” at 2:00 pm.

All in all it’s a great week to be at Churchill Estates Retirement Community, come join the fun!

For a full list of activities and events please visit our calendar