This Week at Churchill Estates

Each week we present a run down of highlights of what will be going on at Churchill Estates Retirement Community in the coming week. 

More May weather fluctuations this week as we start off cool and wet and progress to warm sunny 70 degree days ahead for Tuesday and Wednesday followed by cool showers Thursday and later this week it should dry up again and be nice in time for the weekend with temps in the Mid 60's.

In Sports the Portland Trail Blazers season came to an end last week at the hands of the Warriors featuring the return of Steph Curry. Golden State advanced to take on the Thunder and the Blazers face an uncertain future with 6 key player becoming free agents. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . . you may have noticed a lot of big changes in terms of our grounds. Our crew (and Arlo) have been busy cutting down trees and shrubs in preparation of a large landscaping project and we are extremely excited to see what the end results will be. Stay tuned for pictures! 

Today our residents will have a chance to go for a ride on our bus for a dinner out at Outback Steakhouse. Tuesday features Coffee Klatch in the morning and Poker in the evening. Wednesday we'll take a shopping trip to Albertson's and BiMart, Thursday we'll take a wine tasting trip to the very beautiful King Estates Winery, and Friday we cap off the week with Bingo and Pinochle.  

 We'd love to see YOU at some of these activities. Will you join us?