Top 10 Reasons to Move to Independent Living Today

The decision to move to an Independent Living or Retirement Living Community can be a tough choice to make.  It’s difficult to know exactly when the right time to move really is. The truth is, there is no definitive, clear cut, right time. The choice is very personal and unique for each individual based on their own current situation. To help make the picture clear, we present the Top 10 Reasons you should consider moving to Independent Living right now!


1.      Isolation. Living at home can be like living on a desert island. Many seniors have a hard time getting out to maintain an active and social lifestyle. Many of their friends are having the same issue making it difficult for them to come over to visit regularly. Isolation happens slowly. Social opportunities happen less and less frequently as we age at home. Retirement Living offers the chance to make new friends who share the same experiences you experience.

2.      Safety Hazards and Risk of Injury.   As we age our eyesight, dexterity, and balance can be severely impacted. Trip hazards like loose electrical cords and throw rugs can mean a visit to the emergency room, a stay at a rehabilitation center, or even worse. If your household is beginning to become cluttered, and your stairs are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, you may need to start considering other options.

3.      Poor Nutrition. Health problems, poor dental health, exhaustion, even certain medications can cause loss of appetite or even malnutrition. Older adults can find cooking even simple meals to be a very problematic task. Quick and easy to prepare T.V. dinners, microwave meals, and fast food are okay once in a while but depending on them day-in and day-out are no way to provide you with the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function. 

4.      Security. We’ve all heard the saying home sweet home, but how about home safe home? Criminals target the elderly. Phone scammers and con artists prey on their trusting sensibilities to cheat them out of their hard earned money, and thieves break in and steal your valuables knowing they can easily overpower feeble seniors. Most quality Independent Living places offer secure entries and surveillance cameras and also will have educational discussion regarding all types of topics including fraud prevention.

5.      Maintenance Free Living. No more lawn mowers! No more rakes! No mops! No brooms, dust pans, leaf blowers, hedge clippers, or even feather dusters. Heck! You don’t even have to do dishes anymore! Not to mention if the roof leaks or the hot water tank bites the dust, it’s not coming out of your pocket.    

6.      Activities. There is life outside of the television. Lots of fun to be had! Everything from favorites like Bingo and Poker, to trips to the coast, and even Wii Bowling! Can’t get out to church? Church comes to you! Start a new hobby. Listen to live music.  Borrow a book from the Library. Some things to do provide a purpose.

7.      Socialization. Shut in seniors can go days, or even weeks without any social contact. Isolation creates depression, and provides the excuse to skip daily grooming. Meet new friends who are in your age group who share similar experiences and situations.

8.      Reduced family stress. Knowing you are in a safe place where you get good nutrition, and someone is looking after you every day can be a huge stress relief for your family. Less stress for you and for your family members means you can now focus completely on having a quality relationship, full of love and enjoyment.

9.      No need to drive. Take a ride on the company bus. Go to that Doctor’s appointment. Ride along on that trip to the museum. Go for a country drive. We do trips out for dinner, go to wineries, and provide a lift to the casino. Sorry, we can’t give you money to gamble with but without having to pay a car payment, or for insurance, or even gas, you might have a few extra dollars to spend anyway.    

10.   Bill Consolidation. All these things are included on one bill. Rent, electricity, water, garbage/sewer, gas, yardcare/landscaping, 24 hour emergency system, cable television, local phone service, weekly housekeeping/linen service, food - 3 meals per day, transportation, property tax / insurance. All of it. One check to write. Just one.

Life at home is fine for some, for others life in an Independent Living situation provides a chance become the person you used to be. Healthy, hearty, and happy.