Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Seniors

Tis the Holiday Season again. Time to express your adoration for the ones you love. It's also a time to give gifts but what do you give to the senior citizen in your life who seemingly has everything they could possibly want? Here are some ideas we've compiled. . . 

5. Clothes: Believe it or not, this isn't as boring an option as it may sound at first. Many seniors no longer get the opportunity to get out and get new clothes or if they do, that fixed income may not always allow a new coat, sweater, or pants in the budget. Everything from socks to undies are gifts that may not seem like much but they will certainly get used. New clothes make you feel good about yourself. 

4. Digital Picture Frames: Memories and fun times with loved ones are always a delight. Gathering cherished photos and making a scrapbook is great but sometimes those big books can be cumbersome and weigh quite a bit. A digital picture frame can easily store a photo-albums worth of memories on one small memory chip. You can even replace the chips and load more pictures to keep things fresh or to change with the seasons.

3. Gift certificates to favorite restaurants: If you live far away, this could be a really great option. Simply purchase a gift card to a well loved chain restaurant like Olive Garden, Hometown Buffet, or Sizzler for example, and mail it along with a card. This can provide your favorite senior the chance to get a great meal out that they ordinarily might not have.   

2. Wireless headsets: Great for those in a senior community with hearing loss. Wireless headphones allow the opportunity to watch television or music at a level that the neighbors will love. These are especially enjoyable if you pair it with an MP3 player loaded with favorite music.  

1. Time: It's probably the most precious gift we can each give one another. Buy a calendar and mark the times each month, week etc., you plan to spend time together. Customize it to coincide with dates that are meaningful to them, short trips to places they love, or events you know they'd really enjoy in your area. The very best gift you can give someone is your love and the promise of giving that gift through-out the years is one that always goes over well.  


All of us at Churchill Estates hope you have a fantastic Holiday Season filled with laughter, love, and happiness.