Top 5 Signs It's Time to Seriously Consider Assisted Living

Moving to Assisted Living can seem like a negative thing but in actuality, like the name suggests, it's purpose is to help you maintain your Independence as long as possible by providing you "assistance" in your daily "living". There are many emotional benefits on top of the physical benefits in regards to making the move. The question though, is when is the right time to make such a move? Here are the top five reasons you should consider moving to Assisted Living now. 

1. Increasing difficulty with daily tasks. Is your morning or evening routine becoming more difficult or taking much longer than it used to? Do you find you're becoming tired just from getting dressed? Is managing your medication becoming more complex and confusing? 

2. Decline in Condition. Chronic Health conditions such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (C.O.P.D.), and advancing macular degeneration are serious health problems that progressively get worse over time and can make managing your daily life increasingly problematic. 

3. Increased frequency of falls and accidents. One of the biggest threats to senior citizens is the effect gravity and the floor have on your body. A fall from any height can be at the very least painful and at worst completely life altering. Ambulance rides and long stays at rehab centers are extremely costly and as we get older, the likelihood of increasing fall risks are almost certain and recovery time grow longer as we age. 

4. Lapse in grooming and hygiene. Wearing the same dirty clothes for abnormally long periods of time before washing, messy hair, and skipping the makeup are all signs you could use a little assistance. Strange body odors or over use of perfumes are indicators you may have issues showering yourself or that personal hygiene is completely lacking.

5. Your loved ones worry about you more often. Do your grown children or other loved ones check in on you more and more? It's because they are concerned about your well being. If they inquire about moving to assisted living, or discuss it with you, it's because they know you and feel like you need the extra help. They want you to be safe and are trying to ensure you are being cared for. Worrying about you can cause them added stress and lots of constant anxiety possibly leading to health issues of their own. 

The move to Assisted Living can be frightening but I assure you, if any of the above are issues you are currently facing, it's very likely the right time to make the move.  Getting the help you need can often lead to you living a longer, healthier life and will ease the concern your loved ones have for you.