Top 5 Things to Know About Independent Living

 There can be many things to consider and a lot of questions that need answers when trying to decide if it's time to move out of your home an into a place where you can start to get some help with age related issues. It can seemingly be a daunting task just gathering information. In order to help start getting some of the big questions answered, Churchill Estates brings you the Top Five Things to Know About Independent Living. 

 1.      Security. Independent Living offers people an environment where they can live with the peace of mind that there is little reason to worry about personal safety. Whether it's actual security cameras in the hallway or little things like step-in showers with hand rails, often times an Independent Living community is designed to keep you safe. Although there is no direct care staff, there is a person who is available to help with any emergency that may occur 24 hours a day.  

2.      Socialization. One of the biggest benefits of moving into an Independent Living setting is the opportunity to make friends and socialize with people who are experiencing the same things as you every single day. Living in a community where there are many people from your generation, dining and participating in activities provides an atmosphere where you no longer have to worry about feeling alone. Join in on a card game, or an exercise class. Become a member of a Wii Bowling team or simply relax in the lounge, there are several opportunities to make new friends and have some fun.  

3.      Healthier Lifestyle. Often times senior citizens who live alone sacrifice nutrition for convenience. As cooking for yourself becomes more and more of a chore, it's easy to resort to cheap microwaveable meals or simple sandwiches. When an Independent Living community provides three nutritious meals a day in the dining room it can have a positive effect on a person’s health. It's also easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle when there are scheduled exercise classes and an exercise room right on site and at your disposal. Another added bonus is there is need to worry about paying for that gym membership any more.    

4.      Maintaining your Independence. Sure, you can keep your car if you like. No problem. Even if you no longer drive, that's no problem either. Independent Living can offer the chance to get you to your medical appointment or take you shopping at no charge. Most Independent Living places have a bus or a van that can transport residents to shopping excursions, trips to library, or a free ride for the occasional meal out. 

5.      Less Financial Stress. Do a cost comparison for yourself and check out the differences between the cost of living at home and the cost of living at an Independent Living community. Factor in the cost of rent or mortgage, utilities like water, electricity, gas, and sewer or trash. Yard care and Landscaping should be considered. Factor in things like Property Tax, Insurance, housekeeping and linen service, as well as a 24 hour emergency communication service, cable television, and local phone service. Do you spend money on transportation? Car Insurance? Gas? Registration? Vehicle maintenance? How much do you pay for three meals a day? What happens when the water heater breaks? Now compare those costs to the Independent Living monthly rent. There is no need to worry about any of those separate issues, and seemingly endless amount of bills to pay. Suddenly the end of the month becomes less hectic when all or most of your bills are included on one page. 

Independent Living is not right for everyone, but maybe it's right for you? Call today and schedule a tour so you can see for yourself.