Top Five Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Coloring, It’s not just for kids anymore. In fact, it’s a multi-million dollar business, and it’s sweeping the nation. Adult coloring books are landing on the best seller lists, and it’s become so popular that this year, Faber-Castell a leading manufacturer of colored pencils are reported to be having trouble keeping up with demand.

Here are the top five reasons you should try coloring today.

 Art Therapists have known for years the benefits of the use of coloring to relax the mind and ease anxiety. Even the great psychologist Carl Jung used the coloring of mandala’s to help access his patients subconscious and self-knowledge.

1.      The calming effects are as helpful as meditation. Your mind is distracted from your everyday problems. The picture on the page is a visual diversion from the pictures in your mind. Coloring Mandalas are especially relaxing since coloring of the round and round patterns and concentric circles of these ancient designs relax the mind and make a person more mindful. It also keeps him/her focused on the present moment-just like meditation!


2.      It’s good wholesome fun! It takes you back to the simpler, stress free days of your youth. Enjoy less “Screen Time”. Turn off the television and the computer, put down the cell phone. This is good old fashioned entertainment at its best. 


3.      Can be Social. Very social. As a matter of fact, people are forming clubs, meeting at coffee shops, bistros, and wineries all over the Country, even right here in Eugene, to color together. Share techniques, colors, or just connect with people who share an interest. 


4.      Coloring lets you unleash your inner Picasso, even if you can’t draw a stick figure. You get to be as creative as you like. Your only limitations are the tools with which you use to color. It lets you be you, and do what you want. If you want the grass to be blue and the sky to be green, nobody is stopping you.


5.      It activates both hemispheres of the brain. It gets you thinking about color choices and balance.  It trains your brain to focus, and problem solve, while you develop your motor skills. It helps with concentration, it helps to ease issues like PTSD, anxiety, and stress related issues.

 So join us for Coloring Club in the Independent Living Family Room on Tuesdays and feel the benefits for yourself!