We Remember the 11th of September

It all began in an ordinary way

The sky was clear on the early fall day

The hustle and bustle and daily commute

Flight 175 before crashing into the South Tower at the World Trade Center

Flight 175 before crashing into the South Tower at the World Trade Center

We were all unaware of the doom en route

Explosion and fire has rocked the North Tower

Concrete, steel, and glass hit the streets in a shower

We all watched on TV in shock and dismay

Still unaware of the rest of the plot underway

The next thing that we knew the South Tower was struck

 Some realized these were forces at work, far worse than bad luck

A third airplane slammed into the Pentagon that morning

We were stunned as the attacks came without warning

A fourth plane was downed in a Shanksville Penn field

We started to realize as a nation we may never be healed

And our eyes welled with tears as the South Tower tumbled

Then the North Tower fell too as it flamed and it crumbled

The clear morning sky darkened with smoke and debris

Enshrouding our home, the Land of the Free

The Pentagon on 9/11/2001

The Pentagon on 9/11/2001

We cried for the loss, We cried as a nation

For every lost soul and the vast devastation

Then we banded together and rallied as one

Thus our un-yielding fight against terror had begun

And we will never rest until freedom prevails

As the balance of justice has a tip in the scale

So we vow as a country to always remember

All the pain and the scars of the eleventh of September

- John K. Frederick September 10, 2015